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What makes a great wedding DJ?

Jonathan Damiani

Weddings are interesting events, if you think about it. It's a time when all of your friends, family, and general loved ones get together in one place, at one time, all hoping to celebrate your love and marriage and to have a little bit of fun. 

Think about the guest list! Grandma and grandpa are there, and so is your 16 year old nephew. And your new spouse's aunts and uncles. And your coworkers. Your college friends. Your high school friends. Your great aunt's best friend that she insisted you invite. Maybe even your dad's law school buddies are there. Weddings are such a huge demographic of people all in one place for one purpose!

Now how do you entertain all these people? You hire a DJ of course! A good DJ will play the songs you want to hear, and maybe a few others that he likes. But a great DJ will read the diverse crowd of people you gathered to get a sense of what they want to hear and what will really make them move. 

Grandpa is going to want to hear some Elvis. Your 16 year old nephew is begging you to let him Whip and also potentially Nae Nae. Your coworkers just need to hear that one Michael Jackson song that will get them hyped. Your college friends will want to hear that one jam you used to blast in the dorms. Your great aunt's best friend is hogging the photobooth, so let's not worry about her. 

All of that is to say that you are best served by hiring a great DJ who really knows how to read a crowd and play the kind of music that will keep the dance floor full! He'll keep the flow going, keep the beat pumping, let the good songs settle in, and let the transition songs move the crowd to a new level of excitement. By the end of the night, he'll make friends of the whole crowd, and all of your loved ones will not stop telling you how much fun they had!

Am I overstating it? Maybe a tiny bit, but I will say that the number 1 comment we get after weddings is some version of this: "Wow! I've never been to a wedding where the dance floor was full the whole time!" We love what we do, and we're pretty good at it too! 

Do yourself a favor and hire a great DJ! You and your guests will NOT be disappointed!