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Software? More like Softwhy?

Jonathan Damiani

See what I did there? With the title? No? Neither do I, honestly. 

ANYWAY… Today’s blog is about DJ software. Wait! Before you click away from the blog, let me say that I’m not trying to write some technical post about the best software to use, comparing the ins and outs of the major DJ software brands. Other, more intelligent and entertaining people than me have already done that. 

I do, however, want to give you a little bit of a glimpse into our process at J&J Events. For each of our events, we run two computers, each with a different DJ software program. Why do we do this? Well for a couple reasons. 

First, there are two of us! Jon and Jon Mark (otherwise known and J and, you guessed it, J). Second, we want to make sure we have contingencies in case there’s a software malfunction with either computer. This has never happened, but it’s always good to be prepared!

But more than all of this, running two computers and two sets of software allows us to be pretty dang flexible as DJs. To explain, I’m going to get a TINY bit technical. 

There are two main programs that most DJs use. The industry standard, by a huge margin, is Serato. It’s incredibly stable software, and it allows a ton of flexibility and functionality so DJs can manipulate digital music. The second most popular program is Traktor, another really solid piece of software that a lot of DJs swear by. 

Among a ton of other software competitors, a program called DJay (by Algoriddim) has emerged. DJay is a decent piece of semi-pro software that is also quite affordable for beginning DJs. Now, DJay has one awesome function that makes it pretty attractive - it can integrate with Spotify! So DJs can pull any song available on Spotify, bring it into the DJay software, and manipulate it like any other piece of digital music. Pretty cool!

OK, back to why we use two laptops. I (Jon) run Serato, and I DJ most of every event using this program. Jon Mark runs DJay off of the backup laptop which allows him to take over when need be, and it’s especially helpful for taking requests! So Jon Mark will take requests from guests, and with the Spotify integration available through DJay, no request is too obscure!  

What does all this mean for your event? A few things. First, we’re prepared for anything - especially if (God forbid) a piece of software malfunctions. We have a backup! But more importantly, we’re prepared to play virtually any song you can think of! If I don’t have the song in my huge digital catalog, Jon Mark can pull it up through Spotify and run it through some really cool DJay software within seconds. 

Pretty cool, huh?