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What is a DJ?


"DJ" is an interesting term these days, if you think about it. Everyone seems to have a different idea of who a DJ is and what a DJ does. 

Some people, when they hear the term "DJ," think of someone like Tiesto, Deadmau5, or David Guetta. These kinds of DJs are artists who are creating mostly original content in a range of styles from EDM to Dubstep to Drum and Bass. And they usually prefer to be called "Producers", "Electronic Musicians" or something similar. 

Other people hear the term "DJ" and think of people like DJ Jazzy Jeff or Grandmaster Flash. These guys are hip hop instrumentalists. They create beats and play samples from other songs. These are the guys who specialize in "scratching" - you know, that iconic "wicky wicky" sound that most people associate with DJs. 

The letters "DJ" actually stand for "disc jockey," and the original idea of who a DJ is and what a DJ does is just that: he or she jockeys discs. Back in the day, if you hired a DJ, he or she would show up to your event with a powerful sound system and a crate full of pop records (yup! The vinyl kind). He or she is the one in charge of making your party fun! If you hired a good DJ, he or she will play a lot of hits - both old and new - and keep the dance floor full all night. 

Not only are we at J&J Events professional audio technicians with top of the line equipment, but we are also experienced disc jockeys who will keep your party going all night long. We have a huge catalog of great music in any style you want for your event, and we specialize in creating a great flow of music that will appeal to your guests and get their feet moving. We also enjoy blending songs and creating on the spot mini-mashups just to keep things interesting. 

For us, being a DJ means a lot. More than anything, we want to create an unforgettable experience for you and your guests. We want your guests to leave your party wishing that it would never end. If this is what you're looking for, feel free to email or call us to chat about how your next event can be a J&J Event.