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a private event audio, DJ, and MC services company.


Who We Are

It's actually a pretty simple story. We're two guys who love to throw parties for our friends. And if we can brag a little bit here, we throw fun parties! Over the years, our friends started asking us to throw them parties for their weddings, corporate events, birthday parties, going away parties, and so on. Eventually, we decided to join forces to create J&J Events, a company that strives to, above all else, throw great parties for our clients. 

Jon Mark Deardorff is a music industry professional working an executive day job at one of the biggest concert promoters in the US who is also passionate for sound reinforcement and studio work. He's also an experienced musician and a student of all things music. Have you heard that obscure new band's single? Jon Mark has. Can't get enough of that new song by The Weeknd? Jon Mark has already worked it into his DJ set. Want to hear a crisp sound system with a lot of bass thump? Jon Mark's got just the gear for you. 

Jon Damiani (DJJD) is a musician and all around music nut who is also an experienced DJ and MC. Not only does he have the skills to fill your dance floor, but he'll keep it packed all night long. In fact, you can go ahead and let your party guests know that they'll be burning hundreds of calories on the dance floor, so they can grab that extra piece of cake. 

Together, we created J&J Events to bring all of our expertise and experience to your special event. Not only will you have access to our professional grade audio equipment, but you'll benefit from the experience of a couple guys who throw some of the best parties in LA.